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The wedding photography workshop for photographers...

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The Workshop

The Wedding Photography Workshop for Photographers...

Thinking of becoming a wedding photographer?

Keen to learn more about what it takes?

At my one-day workshops we go through everything you need to know from what to discuss with your clients to what's expected from you on the day.

The workshop is set into two sessions  (morning coffee and lunch included) with plenty of time for open discussion and opportunity to ask as many questions as you have.

These are not technique sessions (although inevitably discussions will drift off to include a little about lighting and posing etc) but more about all the behind the scenes nuts and bolts that you possibly haven't even thought about. You will also receive a contract template and other essential paperwork that can easily be adapted to your own business.

Discussion topics include:

-The Wedding Day Unfolds.

-Starting Out

-Wedding Photography in the Digital Age

-Building an Online Presence

-What Price?

-What Products?

-What Paperwork?

-Equipment, Software and Materials

-Post Production Workflow

Guaranteed you will leave this workshop knowing infinitely more about wedding photography as a career option and you will have enough information under your belt to go away and decided if this is the right career for you.

Workshops are held on Saturdays from 10.00am to 3.30pm and include morning tea and lunch. $350.00

(between 4-6 people per workshop)

Please contact by email to register your interest in an upcoming workshop date.

(This workshop assumes you have what it takes as a photographer, and will certainly not teach you the required photographic techniques. Of course if you are not already a photographer you may want to attend this course and if keen to pursue go on to study photography though an accredited photography course)

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